Jenn Marinello is a director and editor been working in the corporate and freelance industries. She has worked  for companies doing a variety of jobs in the industry including long and short form editing, social media editing, shooting multi-cam interviews, and live events.
Jenn is a graduate of DeSales University, who studied TV/Film and Business. Her academic career focused on directing, editing, photography and cinematography. 
She wrote and directed numerous short films such as Altered, 931 Miles Away, Naomi and the Dancing Skeletons. Her films have won awards in film festivals such as Best Director - Drama at the Brightside Film Festival, Best Student Film at Feel the Reel Film Festival and Best Performances at Drama Film Festival.
 Jenn created the company Photojennic Media as a place to host and provide freelance work. 
Jenn is based out of the Lehigh Valley.

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